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Mash Tuns

Mash Tuns

A crucial vessel in the craft distillery business, the mash tun aids in the mashing process to convert starch into sugar, making fermentation possible. All of our mash tuns are insulated to ensure a constant temperature. We sell Steam Jacketed Mash Tuns and Baine Marie Mash Tuns, both crafted of stainless steel and insulated. Whether you're looking for indirect steam heated or indirect electric heated vessels, you can't go wrong with our selection. Rely on StillDragon as your source for mash tuns and other distilling equipment. We accept custom orders on mash tun fabrication, but we also have some in stock for immediate shipment.

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  1. 1000L Steam Mash Tun w/ Rake & False Bottom
  2. 2000L Mash Tun - Steam - Rake & False Bottom

    2000L Mash Tun - Steam - Rake & False Bottom

    304 Stainless Steel

    WARNING: Do not operate this vessel with out a properly installed pressure relief valve.
    This vessel is rated at 1 bar ( 15 psi).

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  3. Baine Marie Mash Tun

    Baine Marie Mash Tun

    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • Insulated
    • Indirect Electric Heated
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