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Florida Craft Distillery Law Change

April 27th, 2015

Craft distilling is starting to go the way of craft brewing in popularity: up. In what is considered a positive law change in the craft distillery industry this week, the Senate passed a bill that would allow craft distillers to sell more to end users. Where they could only sell two bottles previously, now they can sell four. In addition, the Florida Department of Transportation would now be required to install directional signs to local distilleries for customers on roadways -- a boon to local distilleries that need the support and visibility.

Also as part of the bill, the Senate voted unanimously to legalize the 64-ounce growler as part of its malt beverages bill. This has caused much excitement among craft breweries, as previously these growlers were illegal in Florida -- incidentally one of the last states to turn this around. As the industry standard, the 64 ounce growler is the latest addition to the legal containers for craft beers. Up till now, only jugs up to a quart or more than a gallon were allowed. Previously, patrons could not take beer home from a craft brewery in refillable growlers (about a half gallon), although the 32-ounce and 128-ounce jugs were allowed. 

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