Small Batch Distillery Equipment

Small Batch Distillery Equipment

A number of small business owners are branching out into the small batch distillery world where they can control the alcohol content and flavor of their spirits. Creating unique blends of whiskey, beer, vodka, and other alcohols allows small business owners to have a claim to fame that spreads around by word-of-mouth. All over the country, small businesses and individuals are creating their own alcohols for personal or public consumption. 

Around the country small ventures of distillers are starting up everywhere due to laws prohibiting distillation dissolving or relaxing. The news of small ventures starting up has increased and there are upwards of 400 new craft distillers compared to 70 in 2003.

With a major shift toward independent distillers, several larger brands have responded by offering partnerships. William Grant and Sons purchased the Hudson Whiskey range from Tuthilltown Spirits, creating a long-term distribution and marketing agreement. This once small-time distiller now has access to marketing their spirits all over the country.

Larger brands are finding small distilleries can help them break into small niche groups. Organic vodkas with organic ingredients is growing in several areas across the country. Several whiskey companies have started from older roots founded in the 17th and 18th century. These small batch distilleries produce a limited number, making them in high demand by travelers that hear about these whiskeys from word-of-mouth.

To launch your own line of bourbon, whiskey, beer, and other alcohols, you must have the correct small batch distillery equipment. Craft distillers need to use a specific type of equipment to create unique spirits. The quality and strength of your alcohol will depend on the still you select. DragonStill provides a variety of stills designed to provide you with clean alcohol to create a pure blend.

What to Look for in a Still

The distillation of alcohol requires continuous and repeated boiling of the fermented mixture you create. There are a number of different chemicals that are toxic by nature and can end up causing health issues if you do not select the right distillation equipment. Acetone, methanol, and ethyl acetate are some of the toxic chemicals that need to be distilled correctly as they will not ferment correctly without the stills.

An all-in-one-system is designed to configure any type of still instead of just one style of spirit. If you do not want to be tied to just one type of style or spirit, it helps to try modular systems by StillDragon.

As you move forward with craft distillery, you can easily expand if you select the right equipment. The interchangeable design of StillDragon stills offers the convenience of operating multiple stills in one. You can add fermentation tanks in the same line.

Building Your Own Still

If you are not aware of how to build your own still, purchase one that is already built. Adding certain elements to the still are easy once you start creating your own spirits. StillDragon provides a variety of stills for sale that are fully customizable. Compare different stills and components to suit your distillation needs.

Glass vs. Copper vs. Stainless Steel

Which materials are the best option for the construction of a still? Select a still made out of stainless steel versus copper or glass as it doesn’t require as much maintenance. The stainless steel will not deal with rust like other stills will.

When comparing the stills, it helps to look at the complex plumbing to see how difficult it can be to clean it. The plumbing needs to work appropriately to allow the alcohol vapors to cool and condense. StillDragon provides professional stills designed by alcohol experts to help you create the best alcohol possible. The still needs to be large enough to produce enough spirits for your batch, but must be small enough to sit in a corner of a room or on a kitchen table.

What to Avoid

When comparing different stills, avoid any stills that require you to boil mash over an open flame. The other thing to avoid is a still that has complex plumbing and requires you to rotate cold water. This process is time consuming, and can yield poor results if you do not do it correctly. Automatic stills make it easy for you to manage the entire process and create smooth alcohol at the right strength. The inbuilt electric heater keeps the yeast at the right temperature to create mash. It is important to compare and try multiple types of yeast until you find one that provides you with an appropriate flavor.

What to Expect

Once you master the distillation process, you can easily create alcoholic beverages that are similar to branded alcohols, but the cost savings is substantial. The other benefit is that you can create alcohol at any time that you would like. You do not need to worry about adding too much alcohol as long as you do not plan to sell it. Using the alcohol for a simple party with friends is allowed, but you do need to make anyone who drinks the alcohol aware of the alcohol content so they do not end up consuming more than they can handle.

Taking Your Passion to New Heights

Moving your hobby of creating alcohol from a simple thing into something you plan on distributing or selling at a small restaurant can bring about a new career. Bringing about new alcohols and pairing them with the right foods can increase the visibility of the business.

Successful entrepreneurs prefer micro-brewing as it allows them to control every step of the process. Parts of the alcohol that do not taste well can be tossed out and the good alcohol is saved to be consumed. When vodka is distilled several times to get the alcohol content high enough, it can indicate the flavor of the vodka will be stripped down. Some vodkas add lemongrass and other chemicals to bring back flavor if the alcohol has been distilled several times.

To learn more about small batch distillery equipment and at-home brewing, visit the StillDragon site now.