3 Benefits of Investing in a DoubleDragon

Welcome to January’s new blog posts with StillDragon! We hope that you all were able to enjoy the holidays with family and friends! What we are going to be talking about today is a lot, so buckle up. We’ll be going through what exactly is a double dragon and what the one main difference is between it and a single pot still. There’s literally only one huge difference, the reason why huge is being incorporated is because it will be a major benefit for most customers’ space. Does StillDragon only make them? Well…maybe? You’ll just have to skip down to find out! Why is our DoubleDragon the best? If you are not a repeat customer yet it can be scary to put in so much money for a piece of equipment that will make or break your distillery. We’ll go over why we are the best. And lastly the major benefits of using a DoubleDragon. There are many great benefits of having this beautiful piece of equipment working in your distillery. 

What is a Double Dragon Still? How is it Different From a Single Pot Still?

In the images, you can see that the StillDragon DoubleDragon looks a bit different compared to regular ol’ still. There’s a second column connection at the top of the kettle, and both connections are off-centered to allow for 2 columns on top of the kettle. Our Pot Belly Kettles on the other hand, only have one column connection for your helmet, stripping column, gin basket, or vodka column. Typically, that one pot still is only designated for one of those duties, requiring either multiple kettles for the different types of spirits, or added labor costs to change the column for the type of spirit. With a DoubleDragon, you can generally change the type of distilling with the twist of a valve.

Where did the design come from?

The reason behind it being named a DoubleDragon is because we actually invented it! In an effort to save space on the distillery floor, our team came up with the design to put both columns on top of the kettle. One of the biggest benefits of shopping with StillDragon is that we know how it is supposed to work, and we know the secret ingredient for this kettle. 

3 Best Benefits of Using the DoubleDragon

  • Smaller Distillery FootPrint

Having 2 Columns on top of the kettle allows for the system to have a smaller footprint, which means you can use the valuable real estate in your distillery for storage, working room, or a bigger tour group. But, most importantly, more space to be able to add on the further your distillery grows. Which means more tank space, pilot system, or even a continuous still.

  • Lower Labor Costs

Typically, the DoubleDragon is set up with a Copper Whiskey Helmet, for the pot still, and a Spirit Column for a plated reflux column to be able to create the more pure spirits such as Vodka. This helps alleviate the need to take apart your column in order to switch spirits, in fact, a quick washout and you should be able to jump from Whiskey production to Vodka production.

  • Operational Financial Benefits

Having both columns using the same kettle charge, allows the kettle to be closer to the heat source which means you will lose less heat. 

You also only need to purchase one large kettle. 

Thank you for coming by to read about our StillDragon Double Dragon and all of the great benefits of one! If you are interested/have any further questions please reach out to Emily. Her email is emily@stilldragon.com

If you need more information on the DoubleDragon, check out this YouTube video of how the DoubleDragon functions.  Click on this link to head over there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W3ND4Fig6c.

And don’t forget, you should always run the kettle with PRVs on the Kettle and the Jacket.