Benefits of Choosing StillDragon – a Superior Warranty, Shipping, and Customer Service

Our Warranty

We are so proud of the quality of our equipment that the purchaser has a one-year warranty from the original date of delivery. This warranty covers any defects that cause the equipment not to work adequately. With the defective equipment, we will replace or repair it at no charge. Depending on what piece of equipment is not working properly, we may use a 3rd party to fix the problem welders, plumbers, and other trade professionals. We are not liable for loss of income during the time the equipment is being repaired or replaced. We are here to help and ensure the best quality. 

Please remember that we are not liable for any equipment that has been damaged by negligence or incidents due to the handler. Examples of that are the Use of unauthorized chemicals, solvents, or vapors, Unauthorized disassembly, alterations, repairs, modifications, or attempted modifications, and Normal wear and tear. Please contact StillDragon at with further questions about our warranty.


StillDragon North America will ship throughout North America and South America. If you are a purchaser of a continuous still somewhere outside of these regions, we will accommodate you. In any other region, the other international StillDragons can help. Please be aware that our default shipper is UPS. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to switch to USPS at a higher rate. But,  you will most likely not receive a COD charge to receive your package.

If the package is refused and returned to us, we will refund the parts minus the incurred shipping expenses. Please take note that, in order to have the package sent back to the US, we are charged the same duties and taxes as the COD, and these charges may be taken out of your refund. Customers outside of the United States are subject to any import taxes, customs duties, and fees. Customs policies are widely varied by each other country. Contact your customs office with any questions regarding any questions. We have a 30-day guarantee for returns, no questions asked. And, if any package arrives damaged or missing, let us know within three days of receipt and keep the package, so we can confirm the damage and replace it. 

Customer Service

StillDragon North America is mainly known for our customer service. We have multiple lines of communication that are open. You can reach us through our website chat box, direct email to a sales representative, email to, and by our phone number at 561-845-8009. If you are a new customer that has come upon our website and reached out to the chat box or info email, a sales representative will be assigned to you immediately to ensure that your questions are answered accordingly.

During our conversation, we will make sure you understand each question you have! We network with many people in this industry as well, if you have a question about other products in the distilling world. From consultants to grain, we can guide you to the correct person. Our sales representatives are able to build custom quotes for any customer’s needs as well.