How Long Does a Custom Still Take

Covid has wreaked havoc on the logistics world right now. Everywhere you look items are back ordered and out of stock because shipping demands are so elevated. So how long does it take to get a custom still? Production time is rather quick; once StillDragon gets your equipment in the production queue, actually making the equipment takes about 70 business days. The major delays come before and after the equipment is in the queue.

Typically still production is the quickest part, but there are other factors to keep in mind when ordering a custom still.


StillDragon designs all equipment based on the information you give us. The more information you are able to give us, the smoother the design process will go. We provide 3D drawings for your review, where all dimensions should be verified with the space where you are putting the still. Unfortunately, each little change adds to the time it takes to get the designs just right and just the way you want them. This is where having as much information as possible upfront could help get you your equipment quicker.


StillDragon reps are pretty good at listening to your concerns and requests for your equipment to supply you with a drawing and quote relatively quickly, usually within 3 business days. If you have all of your financings in place, the still can be in the production queue by the end of the week. However, StillDragon requires drawing approval and 50% down payment to put equipment into production, if you have to get loans and documents gathered to secure the funds, this can significantly delay getting your system into production- you are now at the mercy of the bank. 

Once StillDragon receives the deposit, final drawing approvals are requested and verified, then your equipment is in the production queue within 7 days.

Shipping Delays:

Surely you’ve seen empty shelves at your local stores, those are caused because there is a vast lack of shipping space. Although designed in the USA, StillDragon manufactures all equipment overseas to keep costs lower for you, but we fall victim to incurring shipping delays due to lack of space on container ships. We are currently booking our containers 6-8 weeks ahead of time and then hoping that the container gets on the boat. If everything goes smoothly, once the equipment has been loaded on the boat, it takes approximately 40 days to get to our port. There is about another week’s delay in getting the equipment from the port to our warehouse because the US is currently facing a truck driver shortage. Generally, estimating 60 days for shipping is a safe bet.

StillDragon has all custom equipment delivered to our warehouse so that it can be assembled and inspected for accuracy. Once the equipment is assembled, we build a custom crate and send you the final invoice. Once the final invoice is paid, it’s off our floor and headed to your door.

From the day of deposit to the end day it arrives at StillDragon, the lead time for custom distilling equipment is at least 137 business days, or roughly 6.5 months. That’s a good number to start with, but don’t forget to factor in design and customization, financing and approvals, as well as any possible shipping delays. While we are saying 6.5 months minimum, we tell our clients that the equipment should be delivered to your door in 6-8 months from the time of deposit is more realistic because of the many possible delays.

Give us a call to find out how we can minimize the time spent in designs and customization, and help get your distillery equipped in the time you need it!