How To Create Income Now: Start With Vodka

So we’ve talked about generating income right away in the past in regards to white whiskey but vodka will more likely than not be the more profitable expedition. 

Vodka doesn’t require any barrel aging which is perfect for start-ups looking to create income right away. While your other spirits are aging you’ll have something available for sale immediately. Have to cover your overhead costs somehow, right? Vodka is also SUPER cut and dry when it comes to production. Feel free to check out our youtube video on how to calculate your still size for your very first vodka distillery

There obviously aren’t too many whiskey variants due to the fact that whiskey can only be made from corn, grain, and/ or wheat. There’s so much more freedom involved with vodka production. You can literally make vodka out of anything, fruit, potatoes, grain, kale (yes, kale), etc. We’ve tasted some pretty amazing vodkas made from out-of-the-ordinary ingredients.  Be sure to check out our blog on fermentables to gain a better understanding of how sugars affect fermentation, in order to make the best spirit. 

If you aren’t too keen about making your own mash at first, you can always partner up with local wineries and breweries to make your first vodka batches. It’s a great option for networking and bringing in more locals. Using other local businesses to promote your distillery and attending craft spirit events is a great way to get your name out there! Vodka is a huge market and there are so many different kinds out there – which can be both good and bad. 

With this degree of saturation, it may be difficult for consumers to find your product so networking and learning how to market your product is key when starting your own distillery. However, vodka can be flavored with almost anything, unlike (aged) rum or whiskey. This will give you the opportunity to create something super new and intricate, giving you an edge in the market. 

Many of you distillery owners will want to have your own tasting spaces, which is another opportunity for quick income, depending on your state laws.  From Martinis to Moscow Mules, Vodka is an incredibly versatile cocktail base that can make a huge variety of beverages for all walks of life to enjoy. 

Tasting rooms are also one of the best ways to establish your reputation as a company. Using this space to host events such as bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, etc. is a great way to bring your locals together and strengthen your community. 

When you build this sense of trust in your customers they’ll want to support you as best as they can, which leads to more revenue, but also a sense of personal pride too.