The Benefits of a Caribbean Rum Still

Caribbean Rum Still Video With StillDragon

Caribbean Rum Still Basics

Distilling has been around for centuries and has mostly developed over time through trial and error. While we do get a fair amount of questions about different types of systems and all-in-one setups that do a little bit of everything. These systems are fantastic if you have limited space or want to switch between several seasonal products but sometimes if you’re looking to make a unique spirit in a traditional way you need to have very specific equipment. 

Caribbean Rum Still Set Up

Traditional Caribbean rum systems are just that, very traditional. The underlying double thumper technology hasn’t changed much in the past few hundred years but it’s still the best way to make a traditional heavy, funky Caribbean rum. The problem is that these systems are designed to do one thing and lack the versatility to make much else without some modifications. They often also lack the quality of life improvements that make operating modern equipment more user-friendly and less labor-intensive. There are some counterintuitive benefits of these systems as well that aren’t immediately apparent without a deeper dive into the way these stills operate. 

Caribbean Rum Still Details

One of the most interesting counterintuitive properties of these traditional systems is that while they allow more of the “funky” Jamaican run esters to come across in the final product, they can actually have less fusel oil carry over that using a reflux column. This statement comes with a pretty big asterisk since the data is focused specifically on the funky, heavy Caribbean-style rums that have far more components than most comparable lighter rums.

The wash is a completely different animal between the two styles and likely is a huge contributing factor to why more fusels carry over with a plated column.

Another big difference is that columns can make the spirit “too clean” if you’re trying to make a funky rum. Distillation is inherently a separation process and typically doesn’t add anything that isn’t present in the wash. Columns are wonderful for making a silver rum or even a lighter aged rum you’re planning on blending later but they likely won’t allow those super flavorful esters to come across without blending some of the heads and/or tails back in.

Caribbean Rum Still CAD De

If you’re trying to make a few different expressions and don’t have the floor space to spare we can always hybridize the systems to get the best of all worlds in the same space. The drawing below shows an example of one configuration that uses our DoubleDragon kettles and some creative valve work to not only make a traditional heavy Caribbean rum but also lighter products as well.

Traditional ways of making spirits are time-tested and still have a place in the world but new technologies keep adding tools to help make products in new and different ways. We’d love to be a part of helping you design the right system to accomplish your goals and help you make the products you’re looking for. Leave a comment below or give us a call to let us know how we can help you make your next project a reality!