Looking for an Alcohol Still? You’ll Need This Software for Your Distillery, Too.

Guest Post by Donald Snyder, President of Whiskey Systems

There are two certainties in this world; Death and Taxes. Although Whiskey Systems can’t do anything about death (yet…), this software is a distiller’s best choice to make taxes one less thing to worry about. After a distillery buys a StillDragon alcohol still and receives their approved federal Distilled Spirits Plant permit (DSP), they are on the hook to understand and follow the strict regulations handed down from the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

For example, every month a licensed DSP must report to the TTB their Production, Storage, and Processing reports, even if the are not in production yet. Every quarter (or every 15 days depending on the size of the distillery), every DSP is required to file a Federal Excise Tax Return, even if they didn’t sell any bottles. Distillers of every size, from the largest whiskey and vodka producers in the US to the smallest nano-distilleries making a few gallons a day, all fill out the same monthly TTB production reports and are regulated by the same set of compliance rules.

When a distillery buys a StillDragon alcohol still, compliance with TTB production reporting and audit preparation is probably the last thing the distiller wants to worry about. This is where Whiskey Systems can make lives easier, as distillers are making cuts off those beautiful customized, plated columns.

Whiskey Systems offers a place to log and track fermentations, distillation runs and yields, barrel fills and harvests, bottling runs, and even cases removed from bond and sold. Keeping all this data in a corruptible excel spreadsheet or on a home-grown solution puts the distiller’s license at risk. Short of reading the hundreds of pages in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 19, distillers cannot be sure that they are logging their daily operations and data points as required by the TTB.

If audited, can a distiller quickly grab the appropriate daily logs? Are they collecting all the required transaction data? Worse case, even with all the data collected, how can a distiller be sure they are filling out the operations reports correctly? For as little as $199/month, Whiskey Systems takes that stress away from a distiller so they can focus on want really matters – making high quality spirits.

Beyond TTB Production Reporting and Audit Preparation

But TTB regulations and audit preparation aren’t the only stress on distillers. Eventually their accountants will come knocking looking for their Costs of Goods Sold (COGS). This is where Whiskey Systems really shines alongside those beautiful copper StillDragon alcohol stills. Distillers can’t just be concerned with how much grain or molasses and yeast they used for their fermentation; they will be asked how much it costs to make.

Whiskey Systems makes batch costing and inventory tracking easy by automatically consuming raw materials and pushing the raw material costs into Work in Progress (WIP). Whiskey Systems will track the cost of materials through the entire process so when bottles are filled, distillers know exactly what each case costs. Better yet, as customers are enjoying samples or cocktails in their tasting rooms, distillery owners know exactly how much profit margin they are making on every bottle.

The Whiskey Systems team has a motto: “If everyone did it perfectly, we’d be out of a job.” The truth is, every distiller worries about ensuring their distillery is in full compliance with local and federal regulations. Even if a distillery has been distilling for awhile using a home-grown pencil and paper log, the team at Whiskey Systems can help get the distillers caught up on their past reports, amend incorrect reports if needed, and get them trained and up to speed on Whiskey Systems quickly.

Distillers who tried to handle TTB production reporting on their own often say they stay up at night worrying about their compliance. Once they get on the Whiskey Systems platform, caught up with any missing reports, and see the benefit of using a time-tested system, they sleep much better at night. Schedule a demo today to see how Whiskey Systems can make your life easier. Email Sales@whiskeysystems.com now or visit www.whiskeysystems.com for more information.

Now, back to your quest for the right alcohol still…

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