Why Are Hard Seltzers So Popular?

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Hard Seltzer: What’s the Big Deal?

The popularity of hard seltzer in the United States has been going strong now for about two and a half years. However, certain hard seltzer brands like White Claw have blown up in the past year or so. Because of this, other companies such as Bud Light have come out with their own hard seltzers to compete with sales and join in on the rapidly growing seltzer game. These drinks have become extremely popular amongst college students who have passed along their desires for these beverages to their friends and family when home from school.

What Is Hard Seltzer?

Well, of course, many companies have their own recipes when it comes to producing hard seltzer, but it is all very similar to beer production. Some might describe these beverages as vodka soda, but not all brands use liquor in their products. It is usually made with fermented cane sugar, carbonated water, and mild fruit flavoring. However, vodka distillation equipment may come in handy if you’re looking to produce hard seltzer-like beverages (a.k.a. canned, vodka-based cocktails) like KEEL Sparkling and Cutwater Vodka Soda.

Is Hard Seltzer Healthy?

Many have swapped out their beloved ciders and beers with these beverages due to hard seltzers’ macro-friendly qualities and gluten-free ingredients. Most hard seltzer only contains 1-2 grams of sugar, around 100 calories, and approximately 5% alcohol by volume. Nonetheless, there are no actual health benefits to drinking hard seltzer, and the beverage isn’t necessarily healthier than beer. Hard seltzers actually have similar nutrition labels to most light beers. In fact, drinks like White Claw are much easier to drink than beer – so, if you would normally have 1-2 beers but are now drinking twice as much White Claw, for example, it would pretty much be the same as drinking your regular 2 beers.

How Much Does Hard Seltzer Cost?

Most 12 packs range from approximately $15 to $20. That cost is pretty standard if you were to compare it to your average 12 pack of light beer. However, if you were to order a hard seltzer at a bar, there will be a mark up of roughly 30% (similar to other bottled or canned products).

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

If you’ve never had hard seltzer, you’re probably wondering if you’d like it. If you’re someone who prefers hard liquor, dark / rich beers, or even sweet cocktails, then hard seltzer may not be your first pick. Your preferred alcoholic beverage probably differs from the flavor of the seltzer, so you probably won’t make the switch. Trying something new is always great, but swapping out your go-to beers for hard seltzer just because it has fewer carbs or sugar isn’t fun. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! However, if you were to produce your own hard seltzer, you could establish your own flavor profile based on your palate.

Should I Start Producing Hard Seltzer?

Why not?! Don’t be discouraged by big names like White Claw, Bud Light, Corona, and Truly. Creating something special for the locals can add appeal to your tasting room. Creating your own line of hard seltzer mostly depends on what demographic you’re trying to appeal to as a business. It is very simple (and cheap) to make and to flavor, especially if you’re already producing beer and / or distilling spirits. Try using some of your already-available mash ingredients and flavoring ingredients to make your own seltzer! If you don’t feel comfortable jumping on the bandwagon, that’s okay too – simply stick to what’s working for you and your business.

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