Our Work

Black Button Distilling

An expansive operation in a small space

The Challenge

Black Button Distilling, located in Rochester, New York, is the first grain-to-glass distillery in Rochester since prohibition. Their signature “Rochester Style” process means sourcing local ingredients within a 50-mile radius of their location, as well as a unique still design that allows them to run a column-to-pot system.

The problem? Their original space had a low ceiling that complicated their setup. Other still manufacturers couldn’t adequately find solutions that would fit in their space to allow them to continue using a double pass distillation process—a crucial aspect of the “Rochester Style.”

The Solution

Where others missed the mark, StillDragon stepped up to develop solutions for Black Button Distilling that would help facilitate their continued growth. StillDragon worked to modify Black Button’s existing equipment, which allowed them to continue their unique distilling process while simultaneously fitting like a glove in their space.

With continued growth, Black Button came back to StillDragon for more solutions, and the StillDragon team designed another, specifically sized, still to perfectly fit in their facility.

The Results

Black Button has seen phenomenal success since working with StillDragon and has just recently moved into a new facility that has ample amounts of space for their custom stills. They’re continuing to use StillDragon for modifications and original designs as they increase production to meet demand. In fact, Black Button has purchased four separate stills from StillDragon over the years and strictly uses StillDragon over any other manufacturer for their needs.