Our Work

Storm King

A family-owned distillery with big ambitions.

The Challenge

Storm King is a family-owned distillery in Montrose, Colorado, specializing in a wide range of spirits. They first met the StillDragon team at the ADI conference in Las Vegas over a decade ago—ever since then, it’s been boots on the ground to meet demand.

Storm King is ambitious in the sense that they want to be a specialist in everything—whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, and of course, vodka. Even more, they were ready to take advantage of Colorado distilling laws, which would allow them to have a tasting room in their facility where they could truly showcase their products.

They were in need of a dynamic toolset that could allow them to produce all of these spirits with efficiency and effectiveness.

The Solution

Most still manufacturers would offer a single still solution that would allow Storm King to produce all of their spirits with just one piece of equipment. The problem here? This option would jam up the still, causing delays for other highly-demanded spirits.

With this in mind, StillDragon created an adaptive solution—dividing their process down into two separate stills. But the best part? It didn’t cost any more than a single still would have cost.

The two-still solution was broken down to a 1,000-liter whiskey/ hybrid stripping still with a unique Scottish-inspired alembic head helmet and a separate 100-gallon vodka/ gin still.

The Results

Production has been nothing short of explosive. Storm King is able to leverage the two stills to increase output. The whiskey process can continue smoothly without being delayed by the slower process of making vodka and gin. And even better, the same operator can work both machines at once, increasing production output while maintaining variability. StillDragon was happy to create a solution that gave Storm King the capabilities to continue being a jack of all trades while never sacrificing quality or falling short of demand.