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Boundary Oak

An underdog playing in the big leagues

The Challenge

Boundary Oak is a family-owned distillery in Radcliff, Kentucky that started in 2013. With a prime location on the Kentucky Bourbon Craft Trail, Boundary Oak was proud to have received licensing for the first liquor production in Hardin County since the prohibition era.

Having high ambitions, Boundary Oak needed to produce liquor that paid homage to this sacred land and honored the traditions that came from generations before.

The problem? A lack of funding made it difficult to secure the necessary equipment that would allow Boundary Oak to start distilling a one-of-a-kind bourbon.


The Solution

StillDragon is no stranger to working with the smaller players, and has always emphasized the ultimate mission of offering support that contributes to the greater good of the entire distilling industry. So when other, larger manufacturers wouldn’t even answer Boundary Oak’s phone calls, StillDragon stepped up to the plate.

They worked with Boundary Oak’s tight budget to design and optimize a custom still that would allow them to produce liquor at the highest level. This gave Boundary Oak breathing room to begin their distilling process—one that they knew would be a hit.

The Results

From their dedication and perseverance, Boundary Oak sold the highest-priced bottle of bourbon ever at a charity event—a bottle that was distilled through a StillDragon still.

As Boundary Oak continues to grow and create newer versions of their liquor, they’re looking to StillDragon for additional support with new stills and custom-built solutions.